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Hot News Headlines

  • Danish nationalists hand out cans of 'refugee spray'

    The nationalist Danes’ Party elicited strong reactions went it took to the streets of Haderslev to hand out cans of what it called ‘refugee spray’.

    The party, which was founded by a former Neo-Nazi and wants to see all non-Western immigrants kicked out of Denmark, put labels on cans of hair spray reading ‘Refugee Spray: Legal [and] effective’. 

     The party’s chairman, Daniel Carlsen, said the spray is a necessary legal alternative to pepper spray, which is illegal in Denmark. 

  • Obama's team no longer laughing at Trump's rise

    Obamaworld laughed as it watched Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP. After eight years of Republican opposition, inconsistent policy demands and racialized hate against the first black president, President Barack Obama’s aides, past and present, thought Republicans had gotten what they deserved--and more, all but forfeiting the 2016 race to the woman they defeated eight years ago.

    They’re not laughing anymore.

  • Sitcom to feature TV's first 'transgendered' child actor

    Hit ABC comedy Modern Family will become the first television show to feature a transgender child actor in an episode slated to air this week. In the eighth-season episode “A Stereotypical Day,” gay parents Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) invite their daughter Lily’s transgender friend Tom over for a playdate, according to Variety.

  • Surprise, surprise: WA mall shooter is a Muslim

    Does it make one an “Islamophobe” to strongly suspect that when a 20-year-old man walks into a shopping mall and shoots five people that he’s probably a Muslim?

    If so, then color this Arab-American an “Islamophobe.”

    As I got on my computer to check the news this weekend, I was pretty sure that’s what we would find.

    While the news reports were all avoiding calling Arcan Cetin a Muslim, preferring say only that he was an immigrant from Turkey, where the Muslim population is 98 percent, I decided to do a little surfing.

    I found his Tumblr page. And there it was.

  • Bahraini writer shocked to discover how many young Arabs idolize Hitler

    On February 27, 2016, Dr. Entesar Al-Banna, a columnist for the Bahraini daily Al-Watan, wrote that she had discovered, much to her surprise, that many young Arabs idolize Adolf Hitler, mainly for his strength and steadfastness in fighting the entire world. She assessed that this phenomenon stems from the wave of violence afflicting the region and the sense of helplessness that it causes, as a result of which people look to someone who challenged the rest of the globe. 

Our Views

  • Are you committing a Civil Rights violation?

    By Martin Mawyer

    The U.S. Civil Rights Commission has produced a startling report declaring certain religious conduct to be a civil rights violation.

    The report states that religious freedom and religious liberty are “code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy ... ”

    The September report is obviously directed toward Christian Americans who believe in the fundamental values of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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  • In our survey, Islamic terrorism/immigration topped all other concerns

    By The Christian Action Network

    In one of our August mailings, the Christian Action Network sent out a 14-point questionnaire to gauge what our supporters care about most. The possible responses were these:

    A) Very Concerned B) Somewhat Concerned C) It’s on my mind D) Not concerned at all

    The results paint a worrisome picture: one of people who know what they are most threatened by, but don't see a clear path out of the problem.

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  • Even in Rio, Islam has trouble playing well with others

    By Alec Rooney

    The Christian Action Network

    Last week, at the Olympics in Rio, an Egyptian judo competitor refused to shake the hand of his Israeli opponent. It’s right there on video for all to see. At a sporting event unrelated to religion, national borders or politics, one man steps back from the offered hand of another, backing away in refusal.

    It’s a shocking thing to see — almost embarrassing. That’s one of the weird things about naked, unbridled hate: It elicits a cringe reaction. You feel the shame of someone so wrapped up in his own smallness, so unaware of how he is coming across.

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  • The difference between 'God is Great' and 'God is Love'

    By Alec Rooney

    The Christian Action Network

    Never forget that while Islam declares “God is great” (Allah akbar), Christians declare, quite differently, “God is love.” A recent incident with migrants on a Greek island illustrates these two very different mind-sets, and the contrasting ways that they go about winning new converts.

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  • BLM: Barack Loses his Mind

    By Alec Rooney

    The Christian Action Network

    The question really wasn’t whether the White House would be receptive to a petition asking that Black Lives Matter be formally recognized as a terrorist organization.

    The question was only how long they would wait to dismiss it, and how contemptuous and sneering the dismissal would be. 

    We have our answer.

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