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Jun 30, 2017, 7:08 AM
A Christian geologist has asked that his lawsuit against the National Park Service be dismissed after he finally obtained a research permit that had been held up for years by red tape.
Jun 30, 2017, 7:00 AM
Sullivan planned to unveil his “Islamic State of North America” with an attack on a concert or club that would kill hundreds of people.
Jun 30, 2017, 6:56 AM
Since 2014 there has been a 76 percent increase in religious freedom violations, according to “Hostility to Religion: The Growing Threat to Religious Liberty in America.”
Jun 29, 2017, 7:09 AM
Lying is absolutely not only allowed under Shariah, it is also advised. There are many different types of lies that are allowed, but there is only one type that is actually advised.
Jun 29, 2017, 6:59 AM
A Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Arkansas state capitol has been destroyed less than 24 hours after it was erected.
Jun 29, 2017, 6:50 AM
A law enacted last year in Illinois compels doctors to counsel patients about the “benefits” of all legal medical procedures – the prime target is pro-life doctors about abortion, but it is not limited to that – and if unwilling to do the deed, to become complicity by helping the patient find a doctor who will.
Jun 28, 2017, 7:01 AM
Whether it indicates Republicans are giving in, giving up or just concealing their opinions for fear of being sued, a new poll shows that for the first time, Republicans now are evenly divided on the issue of same-sex marriage.
Jun 28, 2017, 6:57 AM
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed a bill Tuesday allowing Bible courses to be taught in public schools.
Jun 28, 2017, 6:49 AM
CAIR is providing legal defense to someone who is related to terror, Ibragim Todashev, who is linked to the perpetrators of the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
Jun 27, 2017, 7:01 AM
The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday it will hear the case of a suburban Denver baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple on faith-based grounds, in the latest religious freedom case to be considered before the nation's highest court.
Jun 27, 2017, 6:58 AM
It’s permissible in the United States to decorate police cars with rainbow flags to celebrate gay pride, but it’s not permissible to decorate police cars with Bible verses honoring law enforcement officers.
Jun 27, 2017, 6:53 AM
Islamic extremists killed more than 1,620 people during this year’s holiest month for Muslims, marking one of the deadliest Ramadans in modern history.
Jun 26, 2017, 8:38 AM
Students at the University of California San Diego staged a protest last week in the hopes that school administrators would cancel a planned appearance by that hard-line conservative commentator whose rhetoric is known to incite violence wherever he goes: the Dalai Lama.
Jun 26, 2017, 8:36 AM
The establishment media became upset this weekend after President Donald Trump canceled the “White House Muslim Iftar Dinner tradition started by Thomas Jefferson.” But the media is wrong in every respect. Thomas Jefferson never held any Iftar dinner and only three out of 45 presidents ever hosted one, so there is no such “tradition” to cancel.
Jun 26, 2017, 8:27 AM
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) launched a new "civil rights" app, called “Making Democracy Work for Everyone,” which gives users the ability to immediately report "bias" incidents they experience.
Jun 23, 2017, 6:51 AM
Attorneys will try again to block a Mississippi law that would let merchants and government employees cite religious beliefs to deny services to same-sex couples.
Jun 23, 2017, 6:47 AM
A professor posted a series of Facebook messages attacking white people – along with a link to an essay that suggested first responders to last week’s congressional shootings should’ve let the lawmakers “f***ing” die.
Jun 23, 2017, 6:41 AM
Should your pet ever need a lawyer, the University of Connecticut is ready to provide them one — sort of.
Jun 22, 2017, 7:08 AM
An investigation into female genital mutilation among members of a sect of Shiite Islam in Michigan has already led to the arrests of two doctors, and the wife of one of the doctors. Now, federal agents say text messages implicate a fourth woman.
Jun 22, 2017, 7:05 AM
The FBI is investigating the stabbing of a police officer at Bishop International Airport as a potential act of terrorism amidst reports that the knife-wielding man shouted “Allahu Akbar.”