How Low Can the Radical Left Go? Pretty Low.

September 13,2017

By Martin Mawyer

UPDATE: In a likely response to the complaints found in my blog below (as well as receiving a letter from our attorney), Color of Change has modified its website. It no longer defines all "hate groups" as "white supremacist" and has created additional categories, such as anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ and a few other groupings. It has also made a few other minor changes to its language defining certain organizations.

We'll claim this as a very small victory with lots of work left to be done to remove other defamatory and libelous statements.

Christian Action Network will continue to pursue available actions against Color of Change. Those wishing to see the original site before it was modified can find it here.


An organization called Color of Change has recently launched a new webpage called It claims that “over 100 white supremacist” organizations have been receiving donations through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to create an all-white world.

The Christian Action Network (CAN), in a mindboggling act of libel, has been named among them.

Color of Change is not a tiny, offbeat, fringe group. It’s a $5 million-a-year operation. They cite their campaign to boot advertisers off the O’Reilly Factor (when it was still on the air) as one of their finer achievements.

But a careful look at their “white supremacist” groups finds that the majority of them are simply conservative, faith-based and pro-America organizations. In fact, it’s difficult to find but a handful of truly white supremacist groups among them.

Even the KKK is missing! How can that be?

Here are some of the strange “white supremacist” groups found on the Color of Change list: American Christian Ministries. American Family Association. Pray in Jesus Name Project. Family Research Institute. The Illinois Family Institute. And of course, us.

The message of Color Of Change is clear:

If you run a faith-based, Christian or pro-America organization you are now deemed to be a “white supremacist” group.

But that’s not all. Color of Change also claims these groups commit “murder” to advance their cause of white dominance.

“These companies direct funds to the groups responsible for numerous hate crimes, murders and the radicalization of terrorists…” (emphasis added)

Not content with bringing vitriolic hatred toward CAN by libeling it as a white supremacist group, they feel the need to fuel that anger by accusing it of being racist murderers as well.


But who cares what Color of Change thinks, right? Why not just dismiss their infantile webpage as being petty, absurd and unmistakably preposterous? And then sue them.

The answer is simple: Major credit card companies are taking them seriously and are beginning to DENY credit card services to groups listed on the Color of Change webpage.

Already, Christian Action Network has had two credit card merchant accounts canceled due to the ludicrous and defamatory claims of Color of Change.

That’s the whole point of the Color of Change campaign -- to get citizens to sign a petition demanding that credit card companies terminate their services with the “white supremacist” groups listed on their webpage.

“Tell MasterCard, Visa and the other credit card companies to cut their ties with hate groups,” the webpage tells petition signers.

But what makes you a “hate group”? It certainly has nothing to do with evidence, statements or activities. Apparently, you are a “hate group” simply because Color of Change says you are. And not just any old “hate group,” but a “white supremacist” hate group to boot.

Do you understand the word “trending”? Of course you do. It’s now “trending” among the radical left to call all their opponents “white supremacists.”

We all know that the phrase “Make America Great Again” is now being branded as a white supremacist statement. President Trump has been called a “white supremacist,” as well as many in his administration.

Rep. Maxine Waters even called Dr. Ben Carson (an African-American brain surgeon who is Secretary of HUD) a “white nationalist.” But she didn’t stop there. She later went on to say the entire White House is a “White Supremacists’ House.”

The strategy is plain enough. Throw out the facts. Toss aside truth. Dispense with all logic and reality. Label opposition groups and individuals as white supremacists, use a compliant media to push that message, get academicians on board, reach out to Hollywood elites to chime in and make sure violent, leftist groups like Antifa know where to find their opponents.


So is there any good news in all this?

You bet.

This means the liberal left, and their radical sidekicks, have admitted defeat. They have raised the white flag on debating the real issues of abortion, feminism, illegal immigration, religious freedom, radical Islam, border security, national security, the LGBT agenda and more.

Blame it on the election of President Donald Trump, or a Republican controlled Congress, or the domination of Republicans in state legislatures and governorships, the radical left knows they have lost the public debate on social, moral, religious and national security issues.

And this is more serious to their cause than you can possibly imagine.

The political left rarely wins anything through popular vote or legislative action. Their victories (especially the big ones) primarily come through the courts, using liberal judges to overrule the desires, beliefs and political will of the people.

Homosexual marriage, abortion, ousting school prayer…just about every liberal cause has ultimately found its victory through the rulings of left wing, activist judges.

With the election of Republicans that are now dominating governorships, state legislative bodies and the United States Congress (not to mention the presidency) this strategy is now facing critical failure.

The liberal-left are in jeopardy of losing the courts at the hands of Republicans who are controlling legislative and executive branches that nominate and appoint future judges.

Waking up to the fact that their message is not resonating with a majority of the voting public, the liberal left has realized it needs a new strategy, because the old strategy of trying to debate the message of faith-based and pro-America groups is not working.

So enter the propaganda machine with all its lies, distortions, disinformation and disingenuous manipulation.

The liberal left is now lumping all pro-family, pro-America and pro-Christian groups under a single umbrella called “white supremacy.” Calling them “deplorable” is not good enough. Something nastier had to be hatched.

Now, instead of pro-family groups getting the chance to debate the real issues, they are reduced to defending themselves against charges of racism, Nazism, white supremacy and fascism.


Under this devious left-wing strategy, the pro-family message will never get out. And most importantly, the radical left doesn’t have to engage in debates they know they can’t win. They’re hoping this translates into votes for their candidates (because who in their right mind would cast their vote for anyone associated with “white supremacy”.)

But there’s more.

They also want to hurt opposition groups financially by getting credit card companies to stop processing donations.

Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change, explained his strategy to the L.A. Times this way:

“If everyone has to write a check, that changes people’s ability to do recurring donations,” he said. “It changes the amount of time it takes for people to support these groups. Cutting off what will be a significant portion of their funds will limit their ability to do the things they’re doing.”

It’s a stupid strategy, even when it does work. As Christian Action Network can testify, which twice has had its credit card accounts canceled, it takes less than a half-hour to correct the problem, get back up and running and continue processing donations. We haven’t lost a dime, not even a penny. (Our solution, of course, will not be revealed here.)


The radical left is trying to bake the nation a cake full of lies. And they have what they believe is sweet icing on top. But the presents coming into their delusional celebration actually goes to pro-family, pro-America groups.

When the wrappings are stripped away and the boxes are open, what’s inside are a bunch of faltering, stumbling and bumbling lunatics who know they are on life support.

Pro-family and pro-America groups can take heart knowing that we have brought the radical left down to their knees. They are desperate and frantic. Their brains are spinning into a dizzy state of demented delirium. They are clutching at straws.

They’ve reached for a grenade only to find a rotten pineapple squishing between their fingers.

Their only hope is that American’s will somehow fall for a bunch of crazed lies that exceed the infantile fabrications of a five-year-old. Who’s going to believe the Christian Action Network is a “white supremacist” group, but not the KKK?

As they gasp for a final breath of last hope, prostrated on crouched, bruised and wounded knees, perhaps they should consider this scripture while perched in such a humble state:

“For it is written, as I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” (Romans 14:11, emphasis added)

This is their end, and they are already in position, so why not accept it?

I don’t believe in “white supremacy” but I do believe in the “supremacy of God.” And one day, they will too.

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