From the Campaign Trail to Hell(bent) Deception

January 09,2018

The one-year mark of President Trump taking office is right around the corner, however, as an extremely “exciting” first year draws to a close the country remains as polar as ever. From cries of Russian interference to the rise of radical-left leaning ANTIFA groups; it seems that no one can escape the fall out of long standing troupes. Well, no one but the Clintons that is.

With Hilary’s less than gracefully “acceptance” of defeat in the last Presidential Election giving a voice to the Russian debacle; it seems that nothing can permanently quell the lefts need to one-up the last scandal. Going head first into the narrative that the Trump Campaign had “help” from the Russian Deep-State blowing up in the proverbial face of every fringe supporter of the Clintons had to sting. Going out on a limb so far as to begin the conversation of impeachment of the President; only to find that the Clinton Campaign was neck deep in the stench of that swamp. Yes Hilary, using campaign money to pay for a “secret” Anti-Trump dossier assembled by and provided from a Russian collaborator is Russian interference, just not the kind you were looking to prove.

Following this, or maybe more correctly stated as covering over this, the entire Hollywood scandal is stranger than fiction and the stuff people with better imaginations than mine are paid large sums of money to write and direct as a hit TV series, if not movie deal. However, this time it’s not the fictitious writings of a show-runner, but it just so happens that most of the “actors” on this show belong to the Screen Actor’s Guild. As woman after woman comes forward and joins the “Me Too” initiative, actors, directors, producers, TV personalities, musicians, as well as many others begin to fall from their house of cards as the glass ceiling cracks and crumbles.

Now as we enter into the first month of 2018, it’s not just Hilary showing up in the news, and for once it’s not Bill either. The daughter of this crumbling power couple has made some, for a lack of a better word, interesting Twitter comments. Responding to a previous Tweet, Chelsea Clinton responded with a “What a time to be alive” statement. This isn’t that odd, well not for this daughter at least. It’s who she’s responding to that could be considered disturbing, as the Church of Satan and Chelsea seem to have a history with the “Church” originally saying “The never-ending excitement here is never ending” (A copy of the Tweets are available below).

With all of the deception and misdirection associated with the Clintons, a tie to the Church of Satan no longer seems to be quite as far fetch as it would have back in the late 90s. Maybe this helps explain the odd, sometimes unholy circumstances that seem to surround this family. Or maybe it’s just another day in the life of a Clinton. Either way, yes Chelsea, it HAS been so long… But maybe, just maybe, not long enough…

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