Fla. Clothing Company Sparks Outrage for Selling Romper with Dictator Kim Jong-Un’s Face on It

June 22,2017

From Breitbart.com

A Florida clothing company has sparked outrage from social media users for “glorifying” North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un by promoting a men’s romper with the dictator’s face on it.

The retailer, “Get on Fleek,” lists the outfit featuring a close-up of Kim Jong-un’s face for sale on its website for the “reduced” price of $79.

The retailer also sells a hoodie, jersey, crewneck T-shirt, and tank top featuring his face.

Ever since advertisements for the romper started showing up in online ads, social media users started calling out the company for “glorifying” a dictator:

“I did it! I found the worst thing on the internet. A combination of so much awful,” ESPN’s Cary Chow wrote on Twitter:

“How can I express my love of foreign totalitarianism but also of capitalism,” The Wrap’s Carli Velocci wrote.

The company is facing a lot of heat on social media, especially after North Korea made headlines for its brutal treatment of American student Otto Warmbier, who died Monday after returning to the United States a week ago in a coma with severe brain injuries.

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