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Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind Bars

Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind Bars

America's Islamic Threat

America's Islamic Threat

Twilight in America

Twilight in America

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  • Gunman Terrorizes Islamic Village…or so they say

    Anyone attempting to commit MASS MURDER of Islamic men, women and children in the United States – with the name of Christian Action Network attached to it – will certainly get my attention.

    So it was on the day I saw an article appearing on the website of a group known as The Muslims of America (TMOA).

    Let’s start with the screaming headline and sub-headline of this outlandish news article:

  • The New McCarthy-style Witch Hunt Against Christians

    Few alive today remember the contentious and infamous hearings held by the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the 1950s—later referred to as the McCarthy hearings, or the McCarthy “witch hunts”—which provided a glimpse into Communist activity in the United States.

  • The Enemy ‘Has Skipped Across the Welcome Mat’

    The Obama Administration has cleared its busy schedule to entertain and confab with an important visitor to the White House. I’m not referring to such notables as Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, who Obama was too busy to meet with in 2012 when Benjamin flew all the way here and was snubbed at the White House gates.

  • The “Real News” About Al-Jazeera

    It’s been nearly two years since Hillary Clinton called Al-Jazeera “real news.”  Now, like it or not, Al-Jazeera (and its so-called “real news”) is coming to the United States.

  • Sheriff Launches Investigation Into Shotgun Attack

    The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is investigating claims by a Muslim group that their “village” in Red House, VA, was attacked by an “Islamophobic gang of criminals” who fired off “thirteen shotgun blasts” into their welcoming sign.