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Hot News Headlines

  • California Muslims sue over hijab 'discrimination'

    Two lawsuits filed in California on Monday claim that Muslim women were discriminated against in separate incidents because of their religion and for wearing the hijab. One of the suits claims that police in Long Beach forcibly removed a suspect's headscarf while another suit alleges that a group of women were kicked out of a Laguna Beach coffee house for being Muslim.

  • FBI thwarts Muslim’s plot to bomb Florida synagogue

    A man’s planned explosive attack on a South Florida Jewish center was thwarted by the FBI through an undercover operation involving a dummy bomb, authorities said Monday. James Medina, 40, made his initial appearance in federal court Monday following his arrest last week in the alleged plot against the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, which includes a synagogue, school and meeting halls.

  • Pakistani teen killed by her brother for using cell phone

    A Pakistani man used a kitchen knife to murder his sister after flying into a rage when he caught her using a mobile phone. Hayat Khan, 20, attacked his 16-year-old sister Sumaira at their home in the Orangi Town neighbourhood of Karachi in Late April.

  • Germany monitoring 90 mosques for terrorist activity

    German intelligence is carefully watching 90 mosques for signs of terrorist activity as the head of the service warns Salafism is on the rise. The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has expressed growing anxiety over mosques that may be linked to terrorism. 

  • ISIS using rape videos as recruiting tool

    Islamic State (IS) militants in Mosul are continuing forcing women into sex slavery and filming them while being raped. Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Official from Mosul, Ismat Rajab, told BasNews that they have obtained information about IS sex slavery engine by which the jihadist group forcefully take young women from Sunni Arab families in Mosul, and use them for their “lustful whims.”

Our Views

  • Need to fake a hate crime? Call the nearest journalist

    By Alec Rooney

    Fake crimes and phony incident reports are an increasingly common weapon of minorities trying to strike blows against majorities. One reason they have become so plentiful is our leftist, clueless, easily-fooled news media.

    (Read more)

  • CAN announces effort to halt Islamization of U.S. schools

    By the Christian Action Network

    The Christian Action Network (CAN) has announced its campaign to stop the United States Department of Education (DOE) from pressuring public schools to incorporate Islamic indoctrination into their classrooms.

    At a time in our nation when it is forbidden to express Christian faith in any way in a public school, parents across the nation are becoming increasingly outraged and vocal about Islamic curricula and school activities designed to normalize and mainstream Islam.

    (Read more)

  • In Georgia, Disney’s ‘criminal’ behavior is appalling

    By Martin Mawyer

    It’s bribery, plain and simple. Perhaps blackmail. Either way, it should be a crime. Corporations are buying votes to squash socially conservative legislation. Why is this legal? Or is it?

    Recently, Disney threatened to pull their business ventures out of the state of Georgia if Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law a bill protecting religious freedom ...

  • Protesting college kids deserve an 'F' in freedom

    By Alec Rooney

    Never mind that people were killed and maimed by Islamist suicide bombers in a Brussels airport this week, and that Christians continue to be slaughtered in Syria and Iraq. There was also some real, brutal victimization going on, right here in the United States.

    Students at Emory University awoke on Monday to a hideous spectacle: Someone had written the name of a popular presidential candidate on surfaces all over campus ... in chalk.

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  • Call the mass murder of Christians what it is: genocide

    By the Christian Action Network

    Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East are currently being targeted by Islamic extremists for harassment, displacement and outright slaughter. One hundred and seventy members of the United States Congress are co-sponsoring legislation to declare the murderous actions of ISIS as “genocide” and a “war crime.” The Christian Action Network has begun a petition to support passage of this resolution by the Senate.