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Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning

Europe’s Last Stand is a shocking and graphic documentary by an American film company that examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history. 

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  • CAN President concludes NYC media tour with Breitbart, Hannity interviews

    It was a meeting several years ago with some former FBI agents that caught the attention of CAN President and Founder Martin Mawyer.

    “I got caught up listening to their conversation as they spoke about the mass flow of immigrant Muslims into Europe, the presence of Islamic ‘no-go zones,’ weak political leaders and the silencing of Islamic critics,” Mawyer explained in a recent interview with -- one of the largest conservative web networks in the world.

    It was their discussion of Europe that led Mawyer to research, film and just recently release his groundbreaking new film, "Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning." The film documents Islamists’ plans for domination over first Western Europe, and then America.

    Mayer spoke with the staff recently during a whirlwind media tour in Manhattan, when he also taped a segment for the Hannity show on Fox News, and spoke with the Newsmax staff about his new film, among other media outlets.

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  • House panel OKs stripping passports from U.S. terrorists

    Some good news ... finally. The House has approved a bill that would allow passports to be stripped from American citizens who join ISIS or any other terrorist group. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, sponsor of the bill, had the best defense for the measure: "These Benedict Arnold traitors joining the ranks of foreign terrorist armies should not be allowed to come back to America unless they come back in handcuffs. We must stop these killers from coming back to the United States to do harm to Americans."

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  • Muslim woman claims discrimination over pizza in Florida

    I would like to see a picture of the pizza that Dominoes allegedly served up to the Muslim woman just because they disliked her headscarf. The woman claims it was missing its crust, its cheese and "other ingredients." The only other ingredient left is the sauce. Did she really receive a box of tomato sauce?

    The real furor arose after she complained to the store, and allegedly threatened to bomb it. That's when she was arrested. Then, as you can guess, CAIR (the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood organization known as the Council for American Islamic Relations) jumped into the fray and sued the pizza shop. They want money, of course, for her medical bills and pain and suffering. What a ruckus over a box of sauce.

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  • Maryland Muslims get 'Sniper' film cancelled

    Here is the hysterical (as in funny) response from the Muslim students after they managed to get the film cancelled: “We sincerely appreciate your commitment to exercising your freedom of speech to create an inclusive, just and safe campus community,” they wrote in a Facebook post. 

    Free speech? Whose free speech was exercised here? It was the Muslims who wanted to shut down free speech -- and they were aided by the student association which caved -- by labeling the film "Islamophobic," a false invective that Muslims throw out perpetually to intimidate anyone who criticizes them.

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  • Phoenix woman raped, beaten, battered by Muslim finance

    The immediate response from the state Muslim group was to condemn the assault -- but they went further and said the savage's actions "have no basis in the Islamic faith." Not true. 

    Disobedience to the man, especially a man who has been promised in marriage, demands a beating. According to the Quran (4:34), "Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others ... admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great."

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Latest Op-eds

  • The Most Dangerous Islamic Pillar

    By Martin Mawyer

    In our film, Europe’s Last Stand – America’s Final Warning, we detail the potential collapse of Europe at the hands of radical Islamists. 

    Methodically, we detail that plan as the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest: Infiltration. Imams. Isolation. Islamization. Implosion.

    But which of the Five Pillars threatens Europe most? The mass flow of Muslim immigrants into the continent? The hate-preaching of radical imams? The bunker mentality of many in the Islamic community which makes them resistant to assimilation? The spread of Sharia Law throughout Europe? Or Europe’s progressive loss of its soul, pride, legacy and western values?

    Each Pillar presents its own high-stakes risk to Europe. But none, in my opinion, is more threatening than the Fifth Pillar of Islamic Conquest: Implosion, the collapse of any sense of patriotism, national pride, or belief that one’s nation is exceptional in any way. 

    Sound familiar? 

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  • Conservative publisher views new CAN film and declares: 'If you love God ... see this film!'

    "If you love God; if you want to see your children and grandchildren grow up in a country where they are allowed religious freedom; if you want to see the wholesale slaughter of Christians and Jews by Muslims stopped dead in its tracks; then I believe your first step is to watch this documentary."

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  • New film on Islam’s radicalization of Europe previewed during NRB convention

    Speaking recently during the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, Tenn., Martin Mawyer warned that the United States is in grave danger of falling victim to Islamization—just like Europe.

    “It’s going to happen,” said Mawyer, president and founder of Christian Action Network, before an enthusiastic audience that attended a preview screening of his new documentary: “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.”

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  • Shooting target featured in CAN's explosive new documentary on Islamic radicalism

    Swedish artist Lars Vilks -- who is featured in my new documentary on Islam's takeover of Europe -- recently survived yet another attempt on his life when an Islamic gunman opened fire on a café in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Vilks was present.

    In my new documentary, "Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning," Vilks explains why he continues to antagonize Islamists even though they have tried to kill him several times since he published drawings of the prophet Mohammad as a dog in 2007.

    "I am an incorrect artist," Vilks admitted during our 2012 interview.

    In this short video, I am releasing previously unseen footage of Vilks talking to us from his home in Sweden. Our interview was held two years after Islamists set his home on fire in an attempt to kill him.

    "These were amateur terrorists," he told me, speaking of the incident where his home was set on fire. "That's good; it means we have a chance. But if they are professionals, you have no chance."

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  • Shocking new documentary reveals Islamic infiltration of Europe; U.S. targeted next

    We are excited to announce two upcoming showings of our new documentary, “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.”

    This timely and provocative film will be shown Feb. 26 at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

    This documentary explains in shocking detail how Islam has taken over much of Europe ... and now their goal is to destroy American society.

    Martin Mawyer's explosive new documentary will be shown at two upcoming gatherings of influential leaders.

    “Radical Islam has thrown off the sheepskin and is rampaging throughout the world like a pack of ravenous wolves, devouring everything in sight,” said Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer, the writer, producer and director of “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.”

    Mawyer recently appeared on the Fox and Friends morning show with host Brian Kilmeade, where he discussed the issue of Islamic “no-go zones” in Europe. Mawyer ventured into some of the European no-go zones with his camera crew -- where non-Muslims are not welcome and where brutal, Islamic Sharia law reigns over the people.

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