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Hot News Headlines

  • Terrorism threatens to drain Europe's lifeblood: tourism

    The shocks have come one after another: Islamic State killings of civilians in Brussels and Nice. A deadly outburst of terrorism in Germany. A fresh terror-linked atrocity in a small French town. Warnings abound that more may be on the way. The surge of attacks in Europe has raised questions over whether a potentially durable new threat to stability is settling in. The political challenges for Europe’s leaders are stark, and the impact on the region’s economy may be just as profound.

  • Knife attack is latest migrant violence in Germany

    A knife-wielding attacker has carried out a vicious stabbing at a department store in Cologne in the latest act of violence to strike Germany. The attacker, 58, lunged at a member of staff serving customers in the store after grabbing one of the blades on display.

  • Migrant sex criminal: I hate Sweden, I’m just here to **** Swedish girls

    The victim of a man who allegedly sexually harassed four women has told a local newspaper that the migrant told them that he hates Sweden and is only there so that he can “f*** Swedish girls”. In a central square in Vimmerby, in the early hours of Sunday morning, four women were approached by a migrant shouting abuse, who then pulled his trousers down in front of them.

  • Report: Sanders delegate is member of Fuqra terror cult

    The Clarion Project has learned that a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention is a member of Muslims of the Americas, which is a rebranding of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a cultish Islamist group that is led by an extremist cleric in Pakistan and has a history of terrorism and criminal activity. The individual is also running for the Alaska State House.

  • In shocking move, German police take action against radical Islam

    Armed police officers have launched a raid on a mosque and several homes belonging to a group believed to be radicalizing Muslims in Germany. Apartments belonging to eight board members of the radical German-speaking Islamic group DIK were searched by officers in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony. It comes as part of a crackdown on the group, which is thought to have been encouraging people to travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

Our Views

  • BLM: Barack Loses his Mind

    By Alec Rooney

    The Christian Action Network

    The question really wasn’t whether the White House would be receptive to a petition asking that Black Lives Matter be formally recognized as a terrorist organization.

    The question was only how long they would wait to dismiss it, and how contemptuous and sneering the dismissal would be. 

    We have our answer.

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  • Take it from a Muslim: Radical Islam is to blame

    By Alec Rooney

    It takes some serious courage to do what Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of Arizona has been doing. The founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) has become a prominent media figure, speaking against groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America. His complaint is that these groups try to portray U.S. Muslims as victims, mix Islamism with politics and try to downplay the obvious connections between Islam and terrorism.

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  • CAIR: Kissing the pig and lovin’ it

    By Martin Mawyer

    Eating bacon. My grandkids love it. And, full disclosure, I’m a fan of it too. But some people don’t like it. Too greasy. Too fattening. Too salty. Some even complain the aroma gets into the furniture.

    But other people hate bacon for entirely different reasons.

    It offends them. It violates them. It can send them directly to hell.

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  • Many Americans refuse to look at the true face of 'hate'

    By Alec Rooney

    This is a memo to the social media trolls that accuse your documentary-making pals at the Christian Action Network of "hate."

    It's also a reminder to the leftist priesthood at groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, experts on all things hate, who several years ago labeled CAN as a "hate group."

    We don't hate.

    Try to think about things a little more deeply, people.

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  • America has not gone crazy; its so-called 'leaders' have

    By Alec Rooney

    So Muslims think Americans have gone insane. Who can blame them? To watch and read our news, and listen to our "enlightened" leaders, we no longer see a concrete difference between males and females. A society that cannot see that is not destined for long-term survival. 

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