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Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning

Two new showings of "Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning" will be held Feb. 26 at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

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  • Clash of civilizations: Islam vs. the rest of the world

    “Islam,” he wrote in words that today might result in death threats or worse, “is a militant religion in the earthly as well as the spiritual sense.” According to the Koran, Burnham noted, “[i]t is the will of Allah that all men should acknowledge Him, should be under the temporary sway of the descendants of Mohammed, and made subject to the laws of the Koran.”

  • Iranian brides use virginity suppositories to fool grooms

    I first came across the concept of a “vaginal suppository” on the page of a Facebook friend. She had posted a comment about a page called “Single Girls,” where members discuss a range of issues, from physical ailments to traumatic experiences and unpleasant memories. The page featured discussion about a “pill” women can take, a suppository containing blood-colored gelatin that can be inserted into a woman’s vagina on her wedding night before intercourse.

  • Saudi airman gets 35 years for raping boy in Las Vegas

    A Saudi Air Force sergeant convicted in the rape of a 13-year-old boy at a Las Vegas casino hotel was sentenced on Wednesday to 35 years to life in prison for the crime, a court spokeswoman said. Mazen Alotaibi, 25, was found guilty in Las Vegas in 2013 of kidnapping, burglary, coercion, lewdness on a child and sexual assault on a minor over a 2012 New Year's Eve attack.

  • UK child abuse victims may number 2,000 or more

    Victims of the Rotherham child abuse scandal may number as many as 2,000 - hundreds more than were identified in a damning report - the town's MP said today. The report by Professor Alexis Jay revealed how some 1,400 vulnerable girls had been subjected to rape, violence and trafficking by gangs of mainly Asian men in the town between 1997 and 2013.

  • Iran to host Holocaust denial cartoon contest

    Iran’s House of Cartoon and the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex plan to hold another international contest on the theme of Holocaust denial in the near future.

Latest Op-eds

  • Shocking new documentary reveals Islamic infiltration of Europe; U.S. targeted next

    We are excited to announce two upcoming showings of our new documentary, “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.”

    This timely and provocative film will be shown Feb. 26 at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

    This documentary explains in shocking detail how Islam has taken over much of Europe ... and now their goal is to destroy American society.

    Martin Mawyer's explosive new documentary will be shown at two upcoming gatherings of influential leaders.

    “Radical Islam has thrown off the sheepskin and is rampaging throughout the world like a pack of ravenous wolves, devouring everything in sight,” said Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer, the writer, producer and director of “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.”

    Mawyer recently appeared on the Fox and Friends morning show with host Brian Kilmeade, where he discussed the issue of Islamic “no-go zones” in Europe. Mawyer ventured into some of the European no-go zones with his camera crew -- where non-Muslims are not welcome and where brutal, Islamic Sharia law reigns over the people.

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  • CAN President appears on Fox & Friends to discuss U.S. ‘no-go zones’

    By Martin Mawyer

    In the wake of the horrific slaughter at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in France, the media is suddenly interested in Islamic “no-go” zones scattered throughout Europe where many Muslims are radicalized into jihadists.

    But it’s important for Americans to understand that right here in the United States we have real “no-go” zones that have been in existence for decades.

    This morning I appeared on the Fox and Friends show to discuss America’s Islamic no-go zones with host Brian Kilmeade. I explained that a group of Muslims known as Muslims of America (MOA) has as many as two dozen enclaves scattered around the nation, including in Virginia, California, Georgia, South Carolina and New York.

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  • First American showing of “Europe’s Last Stand”

    By Martin Mawyer

    The first American showing of “Europe’s Last Stand/America’s Final Warning” is set for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 25, in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information click here.

    But if you live too far away or don’t have the time to attend ...

    ... you don’t need to wait for this remarkable film about the Islamic conquest of Europe to come to a theater near you; you can order an advanced copy here.

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  • More News Exposing MOA Terrorist Camps Inside America

    By Martin Mawyer

    It seems there’s nowhere to hide for Muslims of America  (MOA), investigated by the FBI as an international terrorist organization.  Law enforcement has documented nearly 20 Islamic compounds scattered across the United States that have a history of murder, firebombings, assassinations and a host of other violent and non-violent crimes.

  • Leaders of Muslim Terrorist Group Sue Us … Again!

    By Martin Mawyer

    As unbelievable as it sounds ...

    ... our legal nightmare is about to begin all over again.

    The leaders of a U.S.-based Islamic group, known as Muslims of the Americas (MOA), are asking a federal court to re-open a suit against me that was dismissed earlier this year.

    They are absolutely hell bent and determined to destroy me and my tiny organization, Christian Action Network