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Europe's Last Stand: America's Final Warning

Europe’s Last Stand is a shocking and graphic documentary by an American film company that examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history. 

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Laws are being proposed that would limit free speech globally. Who wants them? Saudi Arabia, for one.














































































































































































Hot News Headlines

  • ISIS blows up another treasure of Middle Eastern history

    Islamic State militants in northern Syria have blown up another monument in the ancient city of Palmyra, officials and local sources say. 

    The Arch of Triumph was "pulverised" by the militants who control the city, a Palmyra activist told AFP news agency. 

    It is thought to have been built about 2,000 years ago. 

  • Mo. parents call out school's questionable Islam curriculum

    Concerned parents in a small Missouri town are wondering why it is that their local public school seems to be cramming misinformation about Islam down their children’s’ throats. Recently, an assignment that the students had to work on told them that Islam teaches that Christians and Jews will go to Heaven, but this is just not true. In fact, Islam is quite harsh with any non-Muslim, not just in the next world… but in this one also.

  • 12 Christian victims reportedly cling to Jesus through the very end

    Twelve Christians have been brutally executed by the Islamic State, including the 12-year-old son of a Syrian ministry team leader who had planted nine churches, because they refused to renounce the name of Jesus Christ and embrace Islam. The martyrs were faithful to the very end; right before one woman was beheaded by the terror group, she appeared to be smiling slightly as she said, "Jesus!"

  • NYC city council honors 'bravery' of convicted traitor Rosenberg

    Ethel Rosenberg, who was executed with her husband for treason in 1953, was honored Monday by the City Council on what would have been her 100th birthday.

    Three council members joined Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer in issuing two proclamations lauding Rosenberg, a Lower East Side resident, for “demonstrating great bravery” in leading a 1935 strike against the National New York Packing and Supply Co., where she worked as a clerk.

  • Bakery that refused to bake gay cake now refuses to pay damages

    The Oregon couple who made national headlines when they refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding are now refusing to pay state-ordered damages to the lesbian couple they turned away.

    In response, state officials have gone to court to establish their right to place a property lien or attach other assets belonging to Aaron and Melissa Klein, proprietors of the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery.

Latest Op-eds

  • We're targeting Muslims with X-ray weapons? What?!

    By Martin Mawyer

    Here we go again. More lies. More deceptions. More outrageous claims in an effort to get me killed.

    An Islamic terrorist group is hosting a national conference, called “Countering Islamophobia,” at which I am the featured target. The group calls itself The Muslims of America (MOA).

    In the flyer being distributed about this conference, they claim that I have “organized raids with X-ray weapons.”

    The FBI has said, “MOA [exhorts] membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam which includes the U.S. Government.”  That should tell you enough.

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  • A God who delights in his children's despair

    By Alec Rooney

    The video was even more heartbreaking than most coming out of Syria.

    Posted on the newspaper web site, it claims to show a young fighter leaving on his final, suicidal mission against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad in the town of Fua, Syria. There is no date on the video, but Fua has been the scene of intense fighting for the past few months.

    He climbs into a Soviet-era armored personnel carrier, probably captured from government forces, which the news story describes as “packed with explosives.” Men are all around him, offering encouragement, taking video with their phones, embracing him.

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  • Police are on top of the Muslim camps issue, Washington Post assures us

    A question about Muslims, President Obama and Islamist camps in the U.S. really got the Washington Post's attention last week, at least enough to generate this blog post, which mentions Christian Action Network and our "spooky" soundtrack music. While the Post correctly mentions Pakistani cleric Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani as an originator of these "communities," they leave Gilani's sinister stated intentions and threatening rhetoric conveniently unexplored. Nothing to see here, we are assured. Move along. Oh, and they also know at the Post, definitively, that Obama is not a Muslim. They see inside his mind, you see.

  • Kim Davis: A modern Daniel in the lions' den

    By David Carroll

    Throughout the recorded history of mankind, there is no record of any culture having recognized same-sex marriages. It is astounding that five persons in black robes sitting in Washington D.C. can overturn millennia of marriage customs with the stroke of a pen or with fingers on a keyboard. 

    Not only do they find same-sex marriage permissible under the United States Constitution, but they impose upon the entire country a mandate based upon the 14th Amendment, adopted nearly 150 years ago primarily to protect former slaves in former Confederate states. No framer ever conceived that the Constitution could be so used to twist the institution of marriage.

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  • A newspaper’s strange lovefest with Islamic terrorists

    By Martin Mawyer

    There’s a strange lovefest going on between a newspaper in South Carolina and an Islamic group with a history of terrorism.

    The newspaper, The Herald, is located in Rock Hill, S.C., about 15 miles east of York, where an armed Islamic group has an encampment. Over the past few years, The Herald has published a number of glowing articles about this Islamic organization, which has a history of criminal acts, kidnappings, firebombings and murder – all in the United States.

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